Key notes to put in pocket for Hanoi travelers

tips to not be attacked by picpockets

If you are wondering how to find a place to rest while traveling to Hanoi, the only worry is probably not knowing where to choose between countless choices. Hotels in Hanoi have all the segments, are best-equipped from space, to service quality, to bring a most memorable trip for visitors.

Hanoi Hotel

Conquer the capital with a full set of purchases, or use the services, ask the price first to avoid being challenged at checkout.

Hotels near Hanoi Old Quarter area usually have limited number of rooms, so you should book in advance, especially with hot addresses or when traveling in high season.

The capital city of course does not lack international-class hotels, with luxurious design, and quality service “above all”. Refer to the series of high-end hotels in Hanoi at Traveloka to choose the most perfect getaway.

If you like the Hanoi travel experience at an affordable cost, you can find out about the 3-star hotel segment in Hanoi. The names like Church Legend Hotel Hanoi, Rising Dragon Palace Hotel, De Ville Legend Hotel, May De Ville Hotel … still ensure a comfortable getaway, quite near the center of the old town, convenient for the exploration of friend.

Homestay Hanoi

In particular, if you like traveling with the least expenses on accommodation and you want to experience the nostalgic space in the middle of the capital, Hanoi homestay is the perfect choice. The homestay segment is extremely diverse, from the location of the old town to the convenience of visitors, to suburban locations for you to comfortably enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this thousand year old city.

Sunset at the city

Villa Hanoi

For tourists traveling in large groups, looking for a spacious and private space to enjoy a happy time with relatives or friends, Hanoi villa is a form of consideration worth considering. Some names to choose from are Madam Dieu Hao – H2H, NewEra Hotel & Villa, Mai Villa Hotel 3 – Thai Ha, Module 7 Studio – Xuan Dieu, Green Villas,…

Precautious note of Hanoi tourism

Before the corner, traffic is also crowded. It’s best to prepare the map in advance to avoid getting lost.

Read carefully the comments from previous visitors to decide where to eat or shop. Maybe due to cultural differences, you will not be satisfied with the service attitude but the quality of the food is still very good.

You are highly recommended to explore and try traditional food such as “Com Vong Vietnam” (green rice), o mai (salted dry apricot),…

Hopefully, with all the above Hanoi travel experience, you will have a trip to discover the most interesting and unforgettable capital!


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