The unique characteristics of Mui Nai beach


Kien Giang is blessed with many famous scenic spots and cultural relics. Ha Tien is one of the area in Kien Giang, a small town in the northwest of Kien Giang Province.

The border with Cambodia is 13.7 km long. The small town border with Giang Thanh district in the east, Kien Luong district in the west, and the Gulf of Thailand with 26 km coastline. If you have the opportunity to visit Ha Tien, not to Mui Nai is somewhat a mistake.

Mui Nai is one of the ten most beautiful scenery of Ha Tien. It was so beautiful to be an inspiration of the poetry called “Loc Tri hamlet” in the poem “Ha Tien Thap Vinh”, composed by Mac Thien Tich in 1736 along with the born of “Tao dan Chieu Anh The”.

After more than 300 years of history, Mui Nai is one of the rare “Ha Tien top ten sceneries” that still exist today and become the Mui Nai tourist attraction for visitors in Vietnam in particular and worldwide in general.

Mui Nai legend

Legend has it that in the past, this land was immense water, and a deer from the deer god generation often came to drink the water here. One day, due to strolling for sightseeing, the deer could not return to the forest so he had to return to the coast.

At night there was suddenly strong wind, the waves were strongly buckled. The deer fell down, turned into rocky mountains on the edge of the sea. Today, when sailing on the sea, watching the shore, people can see the mountain shaped like a baby deer drinking water. Since that reason, people called the beach Mui Nai.

Mui Nai beach

Mui Nai Beach has a temperate climate all year round, with two beautiful sandy beaches, no beach, and Bang beach. No beach is next to the fishing village with a lot of houses creating a crowded atmosphere, meanwhile, Bang beach has gentle sand and waves are not too strong suitable for you to immerse yourself in cool water.

If you say Mui Nai is like other landscapes of Ha Tien is not wrong, but Mui Nai has the advantage that not all beaches have. The unique characteristics of Mui Nai beach are dark brown sand color, a color contrast with the silver-white waves lapping continuously from the sea. And when the waves bob up, intertwine with others, a black water appears strangely.

Often found at Mui Nai beach is the tourists enjoying the sand dunes, because the sand contains the essence of mud that according to many people that it is quite good for the skin, or at least become a catalyst for having the sunburned skin.

Under the sunset, sitting on Mui Nai beach, listening to the seagulls, the waves of the sea, enjoying the sea breeze blowing in the cool, watching the red sunset go slowly down the ocean will be a wonderful time for the travelers.

Mui Nai beach tourism

With the available natural beauty, Mui Nai is now being built into a modern tourist area, attracting many visitors coming here for swimming, entertainment, or organizing teambuilding activities. Recently, this place becomes an attractive destination on the journey to explore the land of Ha Tien.

In Mui Nai resort, there are restaurants, eateries located next to the beach ready to serve fresh seafood all year round. There are also a variety of hotels and motels available for guests to choose from, as well as an excellent overnight stay.

Especially, Mui Nai tourist area has a system of tubular carriage system imported from Germany, with a total length of 1.205m. In which road to the top of Ta Pang mountain is 320m long, the road goes down is 885m, difference height between moving up and down the station is 125m create a feeling of excitement for visitors.

At the top of Ta Pang Mountain, there is a tower built in the height of 128m above sea level, including 3 floors. Ground floor 1 and 2 are used for coffee, soft drinks, and snacks, 3rd floor with telescopic system looking forward sight can reach to 40km is the ideal point for tourists to view the entire Mui Nai and Ha Tien tourism from above.


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