Top 10 delicious dishes to try when coming to Hanoi

street food in Hanoi

Hanoi not only has many beautiful landscapes, but in the past, Thang Long capital was famous for its rich and unique culinary elite that have attracted many visitors around the wold to come to enjoy. One of the outstanding feature of Hanoi that must be mentioned is food! Let’s check it out!

Pho Hanoi: Hot bowl of pho, slurry with delicious and bold soup, giving people a lot of emotions when coming to Hanoi. Thin, chewy, soft noodle cake, sliced ​​beef, sliced ​​and cooked again with a little onion, lemon chilli.

The delicious noodle bowl depends on the traditional cooking method of each noodle shop. Tourists can visit famous Hanoi noodle shops like Pho Sam in Dinh Liet, Ly Quoc Pho Su at the end of Nha Chung Street, Bat Dan Noodle, Thin Pho …

Ngu Xa noodle soup: When it comes to noodle soup, Hanoi people think of Ngu Xa, a small street hidden behind Truc Bach lake. Thin but not crushed noodle cake wrapped with stir-fried beef, raw vegetables. Spicy salty sauces, some slices of papaya are delicious. A disc with ten rolls is about 50,000 VND.

Besides, the restaurant also has a fried puffed noodle cake filled with stir-fried beef, a little extra pepper. Fragrant crispy piece of cake, mixed with soft and fragrant beef. Please visit the famous noodle shop in Ngu Xa such as Hung Ben, Huong Mai …

Banh duc: On Le Ngoc Han street, there is a 30-year traditional family cake shop. The restaurant is located in a narrow lane, but many people come to eat. Hot pancake pancake has minced meat, ear fungus, onions are fragrant and add a few pieces of crispy, chewy and aromatic fried beans. Selling cast cakes costs VND 15,000.

Bun thang: Bun thang is a traditional dish of ancient Hanoi people. A bowl of vermicelli and noodle is well fitting, the material is quite picky with small noodles, chicken, fried egg, and mushroom. Clear, sweet, fragrant broth is simmered from chicken bone or shrimp. This dish is priced at 50,000-60,000 VND.

“Bun cha Obama”: This is a dish used by US President Brack Obama for dinner when coming to Vietnam on May 23, 2016, at Huong Lien bun cha restaurant (Le Van Huu, Hai Ba Trung street). A bowl of vermicelli is made with a grilled golden pork ball, a few pieces of papaya are served with vermicelli and raw vegetables. The delicious, delicious dish has a spicy taste that is salty and sweet with the sauce, and the freshness of vegetables. This dish costs 40,000 VND.

Trang Tien Ice Cream: Whether you enjoy in winter or summer, you will have to love and impress unforgettable taste. When eating, you feel the cool fresh cream, melt right in the mouth and cinnamon bark is fragrant. A Trang Tien ice cream is priced at VND 12,000.

Com Hanoi (green rice): This is a rural gift reminiscent of childhood, bringing the beauty of Hanoi cuisine. The seeds of green, flattened nuggets, sweet and fragrant plastic are carefully packed in lotus leaves, which can be processed into nuggets, nuggets, sticky rice and nuggets.

Grilling of Cau Bridge street: Referring to grilled food, diners will think of the grilled beef, grilled beef at Gam Cau street, the street running along the foot of Long Bien bridge.

A beautifully decorated meat dish, roasted vegetables, beef and stew in the middle are marinated in a dark flavor. You put the ingredients in a pan, add some butter, bake it in a fragrant and attractive way. Grilled grilled beef is sweet, sweet, served with hot, crispy honey butter bread.

Xoi (sticky rice): Xoi is a familiar breakfast dish of Hanoi people, becoming a typical dish of the capital. Early in the morning, you go on every street to catch the grandmother and mother selling sticky rice on the sidewalk.

Stop the car to enjoy hot and sticky sticky rice bowl, non-crispy onions make us feel warm. There are many types of sticky rice to choose from such as sticky rice, sticky rice, sticky rice, sticky rice and sticky rice.


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